Saturday, 20 April 2013

Day 110 Crabbing without the Crabs

Off out early this morning to try and catch some crabs, the plan was to bring you a lovely picture of a Crab similar to the hedgehog image from a few days ago.
But it was an epic fail of a Crabbing expedition. Firstly when trying to get a little bit of water in the bucket, I actually filled the bucket, which lead to the line I had used to lower the bucket into the river snapping. So I was down to 1 crabline and no bucket.
And the crabs just were not biting at all.
So what do you do to pass the time whilst waiting for crabs? Why you jump around and generally just have a bit of fun!

You can jump campy....

or you can pretend your daughter is beating you up....

and still look camp!!!
So the crabbing outcome was poor but the fun levels were still high.

Laters guys and gals


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