Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Day 100 Life in 3D

After freezing yesterday and taking over 3 hours to warm up again today's adventure is a day out at the cinema.
I was going to just do kids club, because you know it's cheap, well turns out not quite so cheap anymore since both adult and child now get charged. To see a movie that is over a year old. So I decided not to bother with that. After all it's an Orange Wednesday, so it would be rude to not take advantage of this. So for the 2 of us it still cost over a tenner to go and see 'The Croods' in 3D. I can see why I normally just wait for the DVD.
So off to pound world we snuck for our sweets and snacks. I thought I would treat myself to a hotdog, but partly because of the queues but mainly because of the price (I could get a carvery dinner cheaper) I decided against it.
I can't review the movie as I'm posting this as we sit waiting for it to start, but I'm sure you will agree Erin and I look really cool in our 3D glasses!

Happy days,


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