Monday, 8 April 2013

Day 98 Tuppence a bag.....

Erin has over the last year or so started taking a real interest in the birds we get in our garden. I think now that we actually get live ones rather than just the dead ones the lodger used to bring us, they are a bit more interesting.
So about a month ago my mother asked if she would be interested more in getting a bird feeding station for the garden than in an easter egg, I said possibly not as she is a child, but do it anyway as she would end up with more than enough chocolates at easter.
So after a weekend away today we arrived back home and the first port of call was to get the bird feeder set up, then Erin sat and patiently awaited the arrival of her first birds.

Erin was sure it would be a blue tit or a robin as they were the most common visitors at grandma, but no we seem to attracted a large volume of thrush's.

Erin doesn't care though, its something different!

And there is no way that bird food is only tuppence a bag!!


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