Thursday, 25 April 2013

Day 115 Upwardly Mobile

Today I visited the guys at Gospelware (@gospelware on twitter), who in their own words, eat, sleep and breath Mobile. Although I can confirm that they also eat cake. They are a lovely bunch of guys who made me feel very welcome and were very easy to shoot (although apparently not as easy to shoot as me coming out the lift... thanks Michael.)
One of the things that you realise very quickly is that whilst they are a very hard working bunch of guys there is a definite undercurrent of mischief within the studio. The Nerf guns littered around the place are testament to that.

Todays image shows that they can look busy as well though, but don't be fooled it was all a set up...

I have to admit, if I was clever enough and talented enough I would love to work at Gospelware. Unfortunately I am neither so I will have to make do with enjoying the things which I do well!

Until tomorrow....


Oh go on then one more image.... this is co founder Michael Dunn (@michaeljohndunn) enjoying the fruits of his labour!

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