Thursday, 11 April 2013

Day 101 Harriet Plopper

It had to happen eventually, after 100 days I've managed to find myself at deaths door with Man Flu. I'm not sure if I will pull through, so I thought I'd better get an image in today before my pending death.  To make matters worse my daughter is off so rather than watching sport all day, or TV that I would enjoy, I have been forced into watching Harry Potter. I have however managed a trade off and after lunch we are watching The Empire Strikes back.
Also to get my own back for todays picture Erin kindly agreed to pretend to be Harriet Plopper, and in a nice bonus for me, I got to draw on her face. I'm not sure a Sharpie was the best idea, but thats a problem for mum.

If this is to be my last blog post and the Man Flu claims me as a victim then I hope you have enjoyed the ride.

Farewell people of the internet
cough cough

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