Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 119 Thats Entertainment

It turns out that the people in the apple store will pretty much let you do what you want in their store within reason.
We were in the Metro Centre sorting out a new phone for the wife (because she is a bit of a klutz) and it was taking a little while to sort out, so Erin and I hopped over to Apple, where upon entering we were asked if there was anything we could be helped with. I replied, saying not really, the little one just wants to set all of the iPads as a picture of her pulling a silly face.
At this point I almost expected to be ejected for wasting their time, but no, the 'Genius' suggested that he race us down the other side of the table, but then a proper customer asked to be shown something.

However Erin set about becoming the face of Apple....

Apparently they aren't allowed to ask you to leave either... so that will be my next one to try out at closing time.... ;)

Sensational fun!


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