Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 111 Down at the Bay

Sunday morning, a morning for lie ins and lazing around the house... apparently not. This morning we were down at Whitley Bay beach for a family walk by 8am. After the warmth of yesterday it was certainly bracing. People always warn you that once you have kids then you never get a lie in ever again, they aren't joking. So if you have your first on the way then make sure you make the most of long lies, and also just doing whatever the hell you want.
Not that I would change it for the world, occasionally I would just farm her out to other people though.
So what did we see on our walk. I've always kind of liked the ice cream shop at Whitley Bay and felt that it was quite photogenic, hopefully I have captured this despite the shutters being down.

I also had a little miander along the rocks on the beach just as the tide started coming in and shot this second picture which for some reason I like.

Now to sit down relax and try to watch some sport without too many interruptions.

Have a great day people.


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