Friday, 19 April 2013

Day 109 - Things that go bump in the night

Last night I slept in a real castle. It was pretty awesome. We had been warned beforehand that there is a lot of reported paranormal activity in the castle. Gina's hairdresser had told us in the morning how she had overheard a man at reception the week before asking to be moved rooms as there had been a face at their window asking to be let in, and I'm guessing it wasn't just a cold dog walker.
We were on the top floor of the castle so if any faces had appeared at our windows I would be truly weirded out. To minimise the chance of this I got a little bit tipsy, and apparently threw some pretty wicked shapes on the dance floor.
Christine and I both had an awesome day at Paul and Gina's wedding and it was great to be a part of their day.

So today's picture is an image of a rather moody looking Lumley Castle.

Have a good weekend people, and once again all the best to Mr and Mrs King


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