Thursday, 29 August 2013

Day 241 - Farewell

The world is a poorer place without Wyn in it, but I feel truly blessed to have known her, loved her and be loved by her.
I've been sat here for 20 minutes trying to put into words how I feel, and how much Wyn will be missed, and how great she was, but words simply cannot do this woman justice.
Her legacy is her family and I know she wouldn't have it any other way. The whole family are some of the nicest most genuine people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting, the sort of people you cannot see for years and then within 30 seconds of meeting up you are deep in conversation as if only momentarily interrupted.

Judy and Steve have very kindly donated one of Wyn's beloved teddy's to my daughter, who upon receiving it, without prompting said 'Daddy I think it would be nice to call the bear Wyn' and so I present to you the latest addition to our family, Wyn.

R.I.P , gone but never ever forgotten.


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