Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Day 233 Hairspray

As I have alluded to previously Erin is at Dance Summer school this week with the wonderful Milly Performance Academy.
Each day I pack her off at 10am and pick her up again at 3pm, what she does in between those times is a mystery as she never tells us, I think she is trying to keep it all a surprise for the show on Friday.
Throughout the week the kids act, sing and prepare the stage for the show which they will perform to the parents at the end of the week.
She seems to be having an amazing time so thats the main thing. The only thing I know is I will be glad when we don't need to listen to the hairspray soundtrack anymore!

Here she is in her Hairspray T-Shirt ready to head off for todays adventures....

In the mean time I am catching up on some TV!


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