Thursday, 1 August 2013

Day 213 The Dukes Home

Well what else is there to blog about other than my day out with my daughter to Alnwick Castle, home to the Duke of Northumberland. I purchased the Groupon that has been about recently as something to do as a day out and we have upgraded so we can go back as many times as we want in the year.

I don't know if its always set up the same way but with it being the holidays there is plenty on for the kids, from broomstick lessons, to fancy dress, and the dragons quest, a journey through some rather creepy corridors whilst unravelling a quiz.

We both had a great time, Erin especially enjoyed her dressing up and the broomstick lessons, I think you will agree, she really got the hang of it by the end....

The state rooms are amazing and the views from the Castle grounds are glorious. We then had a drive back along the coast, taking in more of the desolate bleak landscape that is just ripe for fracking.

In case you have missed this story in the news, some ridiculous Tory Peer, (Lord Howell of Guilford), the former energy secretary stated that the North East was desolate and there were plenty of room for developments.
What a toffee nosed prick he is. I guess he has probably never been any further north than Norwich. Maybe if instead of living off our taxes our whole life he had to do an honest days work his opinion may be different.

Having travelled quite extensively throughout the UK both as a child and as an adult, the North East of England is amongst the most stunning scenery in the UK, I for one am happy to keep idiots like him away from the area.

Anyway I hope to spend the rest of the remaining holidays enjoying more and more of our desolate region.


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