Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 229 Poets Corner

Saturdays at my parents are usually post office days, where Erin gets to go into the post office and 'help out'. I'm not sure how much help stamping repeatedly on paper, or drawing pictures actually is, but thats what we usually do. Erin's behaviour hasn't been great this week, mainly due to a lack of sleep, so we headed off to the Robert Burns Museum first as a punishment!
Not really, we wanted to get in one more touristy thing this week.

The museum is a vast improvement on the last time I was there, with many interactive exhibits and we only did the museum, I would imagine improvements have also been made to the cottage and the other areas too.

There were many artworks on show too, along with lots of information about Burns life, and how when push came to shove he was forced to swallow his principles and take a job as an exciseman (or taxman if you prefer). It was pretty interesting stuff.

My favourite piece was this wooden carved painting if you like, which I thought was simply amazing.

Tomorrow will no doubt be about feeding ducks before we head back home.


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