Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 214 - The Birds and The Bees

Another day out with the child today, well I say a day out, a half day out. There was the small matter of Erin's MOT to sort out (Doctors and Dentists) first. As it was we got to the dentists to be told our dentist had called in sick (the day before her 2 week annual leave) and they had been trying to call us all morning.
But hey ho, a quick trip to the golden arches for lunch then off to the very local Seaton Deleval hall, for a bit of a chillax.

Erin constantly just wanted to sit and read her book most of the afternoon, which was pretty awesome to be honest. It meant I managed to capture some nice shots like this .....

and this ....

But then she woke up and had a bit of a run around and a little bit of Parkour.....

So another great afternoon out, and Monday / Tuesday promise more of the same. I hope in some way the multiple images make up for some of the days where I have posted some absolute rubbish!


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