Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Day 331 Out

Today I had a random twitter conversation with an American business, they have a really good idea and I was asking if they shipped to Britain which unfortunately they don't. They then asked when I would next be in the US of A which got me thinking about my holiday in the states back in 2003, and one of the things we enjoyed the most that surprised us both was a baseball game. It wasn't necessarily the sport itself but due to the diversification in San Francisco the ball park was a literal melting pot of ethnicity and cultures, all coming together with one common cause. It's something that's often underrated, the feeling of belonging to something bigger, being a part of something, feeling a part of a team.

What can I say I quickly go off on one when I start thinking!

Anyway this is a collectible which we purchased while we were there to remind us of our time at the game.


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