Sunday, 3 November 2013

Day 307 Hollywood to Bollywood

So yesterday I waffled on about the performance Academy that my daughter dances with. Today I introduce you to the face behind the academy, the inspiration behind what the kids (and adults for that matter) achieved today on the stage at the Whitley Bay playhouse.

Ladies and Gents I introduce to you Jayne Nixon....

With her team of merry helpers she has arranged this rag tag group of children (well mine is rag tag anyway) into a team (thats a very important word in this sentence) of performers.

Actually scratch that word team, they are more like a close knit family, who all help each other out and support each other like I said yesterday, and any family is only as good as its mother, and that mother is Jayne.

And now its time to relax!!!


p.s. I have to add that her hubby is a thoroughly nice bloke too, my car battery was flat when we left the theatre tonight, and Phil gave me a push start to get me on my way.... Thanks!!!! :D

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