Saturday, 2 November 2013

Day 306 - Practice makes Perfect

I spent this afternoon at Erin's Dance Rehearsal.

Erin is a member of the Milly Performance Academy, and they are holding their annual show tomorrow at the Whitley Bay Playhouse (Good tickets still available, actually I have no idea if they are or not so don't quote me on that), and this afternoon they had their dress rehearsal. Its amazing how so many classes can come together to make what is going to be a show that will have all the parents gushing at how well the kids have done. And none of it would be possible without the staff at Milly.
It hit me today how much these people put into their jobs and how much they care for and nurture all of the kids. It is a great academy where the priority is definitely fun and friendship. Thats not to say that they can't dance, they are all excellent dancers, but they don't do it for themselves, they do it for each other, and in this they are hopefully learning not only how to dance and how to put on a show, but also how to be better people as they grow up. Erin loves all her teachers and watches in awe as they perform.

I've promised not to give anything away about the show, but here is a picture of Erin in todays rehearsal.

Good luck for tomorrow everyone, I'm sure it will be a hit....


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