Monday, 4 November 2013

Day 308 - Tech support

After the hectic weekend I could have done with a quiet day today, but no back to work at 8 am this morning for a 12 hour shift. 

I was going to edit when I got home but then my mum phoned and I turned from Paul to Tech Support. She has borrowed a tablet off someone to see if it is something she would like and bless her it just wasn't being her friend, and the problem with being 200 miles away is that you can't tell if it's the product or user error (I'm sure it's the product). Add the this that it's an android tablet and I'm an apple guy, hence I'm used to being spoon fed with simple intuitive OS, it made for quite a long phonecall.

Running out of time to take my pic of the day I decided to go with another selfie, and doesn't my beard look awesome!

So will she take the plunge and get this tablet who knows? If she does it's reassuring to know ( for her and me) that I'm only a phonecall (or a skype) away! 


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