Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 200 - Another new beginning

Today marks another day in my journey, not only have I reached 200 days not out, but I have also taken on the added responsibility of another blog.

This time its for those that want to join me on my quest for better, more consistent golf, or if you are Michael Dunn, laugh at my misfortune and misery when I don't get any better.

What better way to celebrate this new blog than sharing a picture from todays round, which was as usual full of highlights and lowlights. This image features my personal highlight.

Shooting an approach wedge from 85 yards right at the flag, then sinking the putt for a birdie!

You can follow my golfing adventures over at , please bear with me as I build the content up.

Any feedback on either blog is received with thanks, unless you are Michael Dunn, in which case I will ignore you.

Have a great weekend.


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