Thursday, 4 July 2013

Day 185 Bromance

Today was all about catching up with a couple of good friends and celebrating some good news.

Ali and Richie are stand up guys, and both have done an awful lot for ball hockey in the north east. I count myself lucky to call them friends.

Richie found out today that the injury that kept him out if world championships last month does not require surgery and instead just requires physio. 

Since I've become far less involved with ball hockey (to the point of zero tbh) I've made a point with catching up with these two for some food and a chat. Today we went to Scalinis at the Three Mile Inn, gosforth. The food was great and as a bonus really cheap (2 courses for £6.25, or somewhere around there), however the service was absolutely shocking. How many waiters does it take to get a glass of water? I'll tell you when I finally get it!

Anyway, here's to Ali and Richie.

A handsome pair of chaps I'm sure you'll agree.


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