Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Day 177 An Early Happy Birthday

Yesterday I got my first birthday present this year, and what an amazing present it is. My wife has known for a while that I have wanted a new putter and have long since lusted after the Ferrari of putters, an Odyssey. She set me off with one instruction, to come back happy.

So I went and tested a load of them out (who knew the world of putters was such a minefield) and after a long and protracted trial (including trying several different brands) I settled on an Odyssey Versa (and here's the kicker) Number 7 putter.

Odyssey have long given their putters simplistic numeric names, and I have to be honest and say I didn't know that I was buying a 7 when I left the shop, it was only after cleaning it before putting it away after a successful putt yesterday that I noticed. Obviously meant to be.

The image is 2 fold though as the ball is a souvenir from my walk around the Ailsa course when I first went to Turnberry and yesterday I also booked my fathers fathers day and birthday presents that will see us both play the Kintyre course in July. I can't wait!!!

I think the front garden could do with some work before it becomes a decent practice green though!


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