Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 172 Jack and Pepper

Never work with Children or Animals, thats a saying of sorts I believe. Animals and kids are easy, give me either over a large group of adults any day.

Kids can be co-erced with sweets and empty promises / threats, and animals just take a bit of time!

Today I popped over to my best man's house and got to meet his and Lauren's gorgeous little French Bulldog puppy, Pepper. Its pretty damn cute considering its French! Its always interesting to see the dynamic between a cat and dog, and Handsome Jack seems to be coping just fine with the boisterous little puppy running around and mugging him. Jack is a lot more placid than I remembered and reminds me a lot of Megan, Christine's first cat who died far too young.

Anywho, its about time for a cute puppy photo.....

Go on then for those that prefer cats....

Back at work tomorrow so expect something a bit less interesting!


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