Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 166 Happy Birthdayish to Erin

Well its not her Birthday yet, but her party marked the end of a crazy busy week, now I just need to get some editing done.
For her birthday as previously revealed Erin had a Birds of Prey experience with her friends. Whereby Erin and 9 of her friends got to hold 3 owls and 2 harris hawks and then got to have Mort the male harris hawk fly to their hands (not before they had Mort fly very close to their heads...). The kids seemed to have a great time, and they learned something about the birds into the bargain.

We had the lovely Rebecca and Elaine from Wings over Washington ( come and visit us with the birds, they were both great with the kids and obviously very knowledgeable about the birds. Give them a look when you get a chance.

So I know its kind of a repeat and people on my facebook may have already seen it, but here is todays picture of the day.

Have a great week folks.


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