Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day 152 Bedtime Stories

I'm not going to lie, I'm not a massive fan of reading Bedtime Stories, usually I end up more tired than Erin, yawning my way through a story. Thats no reflection on Erin's choice of books, which were in fact the staple of my own childhood. Roald Dahl really is timeless, and it is great to see her getting the same enjoyment out of his very rich tales as I did as a young boy.

So this evening when it was my turn, I decided to take a slightly different approach, and time only will tell if it helps her to get asleep, or if all I have done is whipped her into an imagination frenzy.

Tonight we were reading Dirty Beasts, a collection of rhymes from the great man, and I grabbed Erin's Crocodile puppet and my best gruff cockney accent set about reading a set of rhymes in the style of a grumpy crocodile, only becoming animated when reading my own tale of the Croccy Woccy Crocodile. The other tales we read tonight were The Stupid Pig, The Stupid Lion and The Stupid Scorpion (when I'm grumpy everything is Stupid!). It seemed to go down well, and I enjoyed it more, so I can only assume the grumpy crocodile may become a regular in the rotation of bedtime stories.

So its goodnight from her ....

And its goodnight from me.


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