Thursday, 12 September 2013

Day 255 - Partying like its 1999

Day off today and I've been doing a little bit of tidying around the house and for some unknown reason I headed up into the loft, and happened across this historical piece of amazingness!

The Sony MZ N710 personal minidisc player and recorder!

Suddenly I have been transported back 15 - 20 years in my life, I was totally invested in the Minidisc revolution when it kicked off, I even had a sony minidisc head unit in my 1991 Vauxhall Nova. Unfortunately for me (like many trips to the bookies) I backed the wrong horse when mp3 came out nowhere to make the Minidisc obsolete. That said Sony did battle hard, for example this version of the player was able to play mp3 files but ultimately it was doomed.

So here I am wasting away my afternoon listening to music on my Minidisc player, reminiscing on what I was listening to 12 years ago with a mix disc made especially for my trip down to the 2001 playoff finals the first year they had been held in Nottingham. If I'm honest I remember very little about the weekend as Newcastle weren't there and I spent most of the weekend pissed off my face. :)

So for the rest of the afternoon I guess I will be trying to recreate these wonderful playlists on deezer, but I doubt they will have all the songs that I am looking for. :(



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