Monday, 9 September 2013

Day 253 Cheating

I'm going to be honest, this is the first day that I have cheated, technically it is still Day 253, but I've just had a bit of a weird experience and figured it would be an ideal thing to blog about.

So I was quite happily settled for the night, ready to watch some TV when I noticed on my phone that my good friend Christopher Knott was out in his car watching a storm that was brewing out to sea. Instantly my desire to capture lightning properly kicked in and so started a bit of a mad dash to find my tripod and quick release plates and get out.

Driving along the coast to North Shields (knowing that the storm was headed south) I managed to see 3 flashes of lightning before arriving at my chosen spot. I got out the car (in my shorts and a hoodie) and headed across the road to take up my position facing Tynemouth priory hoping to capture the sky lit up behind it.
Unfortunately it wasn't to be, however it wasn't without exciting, as first a police car stopped and out stepped a lovely young lady officer, guessing I was about to be asked what I was doing (since I looked like a total weirdo) I toyed with being a bit silly and decided that since there had been a murder less than 48 hours earlier and less than 3 miles away it probably wasn't for the best. 
As predicted, I was asked what I was up to and had a pleasant discussion with the officer regarding the fact that I had missed the storm, before being asked if I had seen anything else (or anyone to be more particular). The officer moved back to the car, and then 30 seconds later I was approached by another pair of officers asking very similar questions. 

I decided that it was probably best to get out of the area, as I don't tend to have the greatest luck in the world. Heading back to the car there was still time for another officer to ask if I had seen this particular individual. Again I passed on the same information. So that was 4 female officers in the space of 4 minutes, late at night, I've had dreams like that before, but this one didn't end that way!

Anyway I didn't get the shot I wanted, but I thought this looked pretty cool anyway. And it saves me a job tomorrow!

Hopefully I will get that elusive storm before the end of the year.


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