Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Day 246 Prickly Pint

Kids went back today, and it was absolute bedlam, for some reason they hadn't  decided which queue was which so you had 90 kids just running feral until the teachers came out.
Anyway eventually they went back in, but a Tuesday is also Erin's swimming day so her first day back has been rather hectic due to her swimming time changing to 4pm.

So what better way to wind down than with a little drink.

I found this nice little drop in b&m and I'm a sucker for some interesting packaging. This cider from abrahalls features a hedgehog on the bottle due to the fact that its from the land of the hedgehogs, that and from each bottle sold they donate to the British Hedgehog Preservation society.

The blurb on the back also likens the drink to a hedgehog, warning that it may have a bit of a sting!

Anyway, it's pretty decent.


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