Saturday, 28 December 2013

Day 362 Dog nam it

well it had to happen at some point and if it was going to happen of course it wS going to happen when I was 200 miles from home.

While packing the car on Tuesday my daughter had a little bit of a meltdown, the outcome of which was that in my rush I packed my camera bag without packing it. Upon arrival I made the choice to not use my camera until my paid job today, as I knew I hadn't packed my battery charger. What I didn't realise was that whilst I had my lenses, spare memory cards and my flash, I did not have my camera body!

Luckily for me the for me the group I was due to be working for are a very understanding group of people, and u have kept the gig for future despite not being able to make today.

So again today's picture is an iPhone one and this time it's of my dad's dog Reaba.

She is a dopey thing! 

Back home tomorrow, fingers crossed for better weather than today and yesterday.


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