Thursday, 5 December 2013

Day 339 - Storm Surge

I was rudely awoken this morning as I imagine most of you were by rain battering against my window (hopefully it battering against my window didn't wake you though). And then endured the wind and piercing rain whilst taking Erin to school.

After seeing reports that we would experience raging waves I popped down to the beach, and was very disappointed in the tiny waves that were having the tops whipped off them by the gusting wind. Undaunted I snapped off a couple of frames and thought, ach that will do.

Fast forward 7 hours and I read on my twitter timeline that the River Blyth has overflowed at the quay, and I am heading past it so pop by and fire off these pics. This is the highest I have ever seen the River Blyth in my 30 odd years here.

And I again headed back to the beach to see if any of it existed, I'm not sure if you can tell by this image just how high the tide is but if you know Blyth at all, this was by the bandstand and the waves were reaching (not quite crashing against) the sea wall, there was no beach!

Stay safe everyone.


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