Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Day 338 Tree Festival

Christine told me about this Christmas Tree Festival on Monday so I decided to pop down and check it out this evening while the girls were both off dancing.

The idea is that local business have all decorated tree's, I'm not sure what happens with them at the end of the week, I do know they are voting for what is people's favourite tree. The tree's are supposed to represent the businesses. so there is a garage who have decorated the tree with toy cars, a travel agent who has decorated their tree with luggage tags, and the usual decorated trees from the local brownies groups.

Its quite nice when you walk in but I can't help but feel it should have had more of a point to it. Maybe with the tree's going to hospitals, or old folks homes at the end of the week, (although they possibly have amazing tree's anyway)

Anyway, here is a little group of pictures from the whole shebang.

Today has served as a reminder of how great people never get forgotten even once they are gone, and I have been left feeling truly humbled, but in a very nice way.


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